Wednesday, 22 October 2014

I collaborated with Erik Agard on his latest freestyle puzzle. Before you go thinking that I somehow acquired a sense of humour since we last spoke, I should tell you that EA wrote all of the clues. Dude is a cluing savant. In fact, he filled most of the grid, too, which was surely no mean feat. I'm struggling to remember what I actually did on this puzzle. I can't even take credit for title. Anyway, enjoy!

Friday, 15 August 2014

Writing to you from beautiful and scenic Denver, Colorado, and I'm about to head out to sample the local libations so I'll keep this brief. Been a while since I've had a puzzle for you, but I figured I should throw something up here since I mentioned the site (and my "voice" or whatever) in my constructor's notes for the Sat NYT. Bit saucier, this one; I'll understand if we can't be friends anymore.

More words, crossed and otherwise, sometime later on...

Puzzle: Freestyle #36

Sunday, 20 July 2014

So you may have noticed that nothing's been happening here. I really should have posted something sooner, but then I just didn't. Anyway, I've been busy lately with a lot of stuff that I'm really excited about, but unfortunately writing puzzles for this blog is not one of them. It's something I still enjoy doing, but I've got a lot of other priorities at the moment and just can't justify busting my ass to stick to the regular schedule. I really don't like to rush and cut corners on these puzzles either. I've decided to continue the Cross Nerd puzzles on an aperiodic when-I-feel-like-it schedule a la Todd McClary's Unthemely series. I was working on a large freestyle several weeks ago that I'll post soon, once I find some time to write the rest of the clues. Sign up for the Google Group to have the puzzles emailed to you whenever they're ready. Otherwise, check back now and again and there may be something new here. Ciao for now!